Beach Side Resort in Goa

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Club Meditation offers the opportunity to explore the practices of meditation, yoga and well-being in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. We are passionate about well being and believe that mind-body practices are fundamental to living a more fulfilled life. We organize and facilitate a range of events that can bring the philosophies of yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices into all aspects of life, focusing on the union of the spirit, heart, mind and body.

Yoga Holidays & Retreats

1/2 Day Yoga Retreat, London: 20th March 2010, Mind-Body-Spirit Detoxifying Yoga

Take a short break with a relaxing city mini-retreat. Great for when you need to boost your energy and reach a meditative and restorative state. Enjoy yoga, pranayama, meditation and relaxation to help you throw off the gloom of winter and rejoice in vitiality of Spring

Beach Holidays in Goa, India - ongoing programmes

Agonda is the undiscovered paradise of Goa. It is a three-kilometer long, beautiful cove of white sand, which is secluded in the palms. It is also known as the silent beach as it is away from the tourist trail. Enjoy yoga, pranayama, meditation and more in yoga's spiritual homeland.

Yoga Teacher Training Programme
Programme details

There is no teacher training course scheduled for 2010.
Healing with Guruji Mohan

Guruji in Germany

Guruji Mohan is a well respected and acknowledged healer and teacher. On an average day he administers healing, advice and inspiration to in excess of 500 people from his ashrams in Pushkar and Nandeshwar in Rajasthan, India where he lives with his family. He travels extensively in Europe and has been treating people in Germany and Switzerland since 1992 and in London from 1999. links